About Us

Noel Zinger

Noel Zinger is the founder of SkyReel. Noel brings vision and extensive expertise to the team with over 30 years experience in imaging and aerial cinematography. With a Masters in Photographic Arts and numerous awards for his imaging, Noel has an innate sense and discerning eye for great composition and consistently demonstrates his ability to get the amazing shots. He works well with directors in choreographing cinematic flights appropriate for the intended visual sensation of each job.

Robin Sundal

Robin Sundal is the co-owner of SkyReel. Robin is a national, award-winning photographer who brings creative and management skills to the team. Robin works well as a UAV operations monitor on set, acting as a liaison between production teams and flight crew. Also a capable aerial cinematographer, Robin documents flight operations and where needed captures ground footage to complement the aerial coverage.

Leon Luke

Leon Luke, UAV pilot - Leon is a world-class professional RC helicopter pilot with 20 years experience in FAI and Freestyle flying. He is a multi-time Team Canada FAI member and multi-time XFC competitor. A highly competent and skilled UAV pilot, Leon works well with the aerial cinematographers to fly the very intricate patterns and choreography required for each production.